Nava Para, Near Church, Ambikapur District : Surguja (Chhattisgarh)



  • Students shall be clean and decent in appearance and All students should wear the prescribed uniform. Wearing uniform is  must.  Without  wearing the uniform the students are not allowed to enter the classroom.

  • Latecomers are not allowed to enter the class without  the  permission  of  concerned lecturer or the

  • The teacher trainees must keep the  classroom  clean  and    Furniture  should not be misplaced and dislocated.

  • The  students  should  not  cause  any   damage   to   the   building   and   properties  of the college. If any damage is caused, they shall be liable to bear  the  repair  or eplacement charge and also pay a fine

  • Negligence in studies, failure  in  doing  homework,  assignments  and  writing  terminal examination, irregular attendance habitual idleness, disobedience and disrespect towards members of staff are serious offence leading to expulsion         f r o m college